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Elm Tree Zander 11Z "Lenny"          ETF 11Z                  

S: Crossroad Radium  789U          D: RRV Ulena 2U          DOB: January 27, 2012               

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Our staple herdsire who continues to produce calves that rise to the top of each calf crop. We can always depend on the "Lenny" calves to have lots of middle, quiet dispositions, with an extra bit of eye appeal. He is backed by our Ulena cow, pictured below, and we can really see her influence being passed on through his offspring, especially on the female end. He was the 2012 Grand Champion Bull at the NAILE Fullblood Show, as well as the 2013 Grand Champion Simmental Bull at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.  

Heifer #1 Maternal Granddam.jpg

RRV Ulena 2U RRV 2U          Full CSA Data     

S: BEL Steward 2nd     D: RRV Sarah 22S     January 2, 2008     

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Ulena was a real game-changer for our herd. Purchased as a heifer calf from Green Hill Ranch (thanks to Bob Wilson!), she started a cow family which has been unmatched in terms of quality and consistency. Unfortunately she suffered an untimely injury in 2013 which impaired her from raising any further natural calves. She was able to undergo a few rounds of IVF flushing, producing an Anchor "T" Impact daughter who is showing promise as a yearling heifer, as well as some embryos planted for the 2019 calving season. 


Elm Tree Ms Impact 12D ETF 12D Full CSA Data

S: Anchor “T” Impact 2H D: Elm Tree Sapphire 4X January 23, 2016

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Heifer #1 Dam.JPG

Elm Tree Sapphire 4X          ETF 4X          Full CSA Data   

S: PRL Minnesota 48M     D: RRV Ulena 2U     January 2, 2010   

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Sapphire (aka "Ulena #2) was Ulena's first calf, who herself is wide-based with a tremendous amount of muscle expression and natural fleshing ability. In the last few years, she has mothered some strong young females with her most notable being the Impact daughter who sold in the 2017 Eastern Harvest Sale to Juan Carlos Barajas, Mexico. The Ulena females have formed the backbone of our program, and represent the type of females we strive to produce.

IMG_1274 (1).jpg

Elm Tree Petra 8E ETF 8E Full CSA Data

S: Virginia Walker 97W D: FBMS Petra 68X January 22, 2017

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Screen Shot 2018-07-08 at 4.29.04 PM.png

Oakview Dandy 180D          OVS 180D          Full CSA Data

S: Double Bar D United 176A   D: Oakview Zoe 14Z   January 13, 2016     

Owned with Mark Land & Cattle, Irma, Alberta  

We have had the opportunity to tour the Oakview Simmental herd in Manitoba a couple times, and with each visit, the "Pixie" cow family impressed us with their maternal quality and consistency. "Dandy" stems back to the great Pixie cow family, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work with her. Photo from Oakview Simmentals.


Elm Tree Irma 23E ETF 23E Full CSA Data

S: RWR Tahonta 8C D: SBV Rhonda 59C February 18, 2017

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Elm Tree You Bet 9Y          ETF 9Y          Full CSA Data  

S: LS Legacy M565    D: Elm Tree Ms Farmer 5U    January 17, 2011    

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"Bella" continues to be a very consistent producer for us, especially when it comes to her daughters. Her unique pedigree offers some outcross genetics from many of today's bloodlines, while managing to maintain a very refined and modern look. She has already mothered one of our Eastern Harvest sale heifers from the inaugural sale in 2015, and she is going to do it again with a Lenny daughter for the 2018 sale in September.  


Elm Tree Roxy 19B ETF 19B Full CSA Data

S: Elm Tree Yeller 2Y D: Elm Tree Roxy April 10, 2014

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DFM Una 827U          DFM 827U          Full CSA Data

S: IPU Bronson 19K     D: DFM Kathleen 41K     March 3, 2008           

We purchased "Una" from D. Maronda Simmentals Herd Reduction Sale in 2015 for her overall mass and dimensional hind quarter. She displays longevity and fertility, as she has raised two sets of twins since relocating to Ontario. Her flush to "Lenny" produced an impressive son, Elm Tree Encounter 18E, who was shown successfully at Expo Boeuf last year. We are hoping to keep some daughters over the next few years, as Una has all the ingredients to be the start of a great cow family for us. 


Elm Tree Ms Heller 22Y          ETF 22Y          Full CSA Data   

S: HEMR Heller 5H     D: SS Rote 5R FF     November 21, 2011     

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22Y is a direct daughter of the Rote cow who originated from the great Smith herd in Alberta. The volume and capacity of this cow family is passed on through each generation, making them a farm favourite. Offspring from this family are sure to have strong maternal traits, high quality udders, and walking on a strong set of feet and legs.


SBV Princess 451Y          SBV 451Y          Full CSA Data  

S: NCS Mr Winslow 20W    D: LFE FS Princess 73U    January 17, 2011        

"Princess" travelled across the country before landing in Ontario. Stemming from one of the top cow families at Mark Land & Cattle, she spent a few years at Bonchuk Farms before we purchased her from their production sale a few years ago. Her rib shape, pear shaped quarter and style made her a pretty unique package. Before she left, we flushed her to Lenny, and the resulting daughters born in 2018 are showing great potential at a young age. Photo from Bonchuk Farms.


Tryon Walnut FF2D FHC 2D Full CSA Data

S: Sibelle Dirty Harry 25Z D: PHS Walnut 33W January 4, 2016


Elm Tree Ms Zander 2B          ETF 2B          Full CSA Data

S: Elm Tree Zander 11Z  D: IPU Polled Macey 100U  January 4, 2014       

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The Macey family has been our only polled family since we purchased Macey from Labatte Simmentals in 2009 as a bred heifer. The Macey X Lenny cross produced her most consistent calves, with 2B being her most notable. 2B has tremendous depth of body, eye appeal, and incredible disposition. 


Leachland Miss Zander 1B LLB 1B Full CSA Data

S: Elm Tree Zander 11Z D: Elm Tree Macey-Lou 6X January 2, 2014

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